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Long Christmas Weekend Over

The Christmas season always promises to be a fast paced blur of playing with toys and attending a series of family get-togethers, and this year was no exception.  Beyond the normal dinner-breakfast-dinner family events at Melissa‚Äôs grandparents house, we were able to squeeze in a trip to the Phoenix Zoo Lights and spend plenty of time with Lily playing with her new Barbie Power Wheels ATV in the front and back yard.

Lily at the Laptop     Lily on the hobby horse   Lily opening presents   Lily on the Zoo Lights Carousel   Phoenix Zoo Lights Entrance

Four days around the house also proved to be just the right amount of time to get our new fish tank up and running,  I had picked up a 60 gallon acrylic tank from a family who had posted it on Craigslist a few weeks ago, and had received an acrylic overflow piece I was waiting on just before the Christmas break.  I managed to get the tank drilled and the overflow welded into place on the evening of Christmas eve, and here and there during the rest of the weekend I was able to get the rest up and running.  The old 25 gallon tank is already out in the back yard, which is a good thing since there was more silicone patchwork holding it together than there was glass.

Fish Tank Empty Tank Overflow Holes Drilled Tank Overflow Installed Tank Spray Bar Installed Tank Running Water For the First Time Tank With Canopy Installed    Tank Glory Shot 1 Tank Glory Shot 2 Tank Glory Shot 3