Tesla Ideas

Like a lot of people out there, I think about Tesla technology. A lot. And I have a lot of ideas that work their way in and back out of my head, so I decided I’d make a page on the internets over here to collect these in case somehow I get the chance to share with some Tesla person (looking for you Elon).

Full Self Driving (FSD)

  • To use autopilot, you have to route to where you’re going. The route is calculated to be the fastest, most efficient path. For FSD Beta (and beyond), how about adding an ‘exploratory drive’ mode option that would have the route pick interesting paths that either haven’t been covered before (or recently) or are known to have targeted features of interest like roundabouts.

    This feature could be used in conjunction with the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ option to route somewhere random, or for normal routes to targeted destinations. Bonus points for an option to ‘add up to xx minutes’ to my trip, which would allow drivers to opt-in to donate additional time to their trip to let autopilot explore during normal trips.

Model X Specific

  • I didn’t buy the ‘premium upgrades’ package for my Model X. Yes I regret it. To soften the blow, how about selling a software upgrade to enable the auto-presenting doors and allow opening the doors from the key fob? These are premium-only features, and are clearly software only.